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L-Anchor & U-Bolt Machine

L-Anchor & U-Bolt Machine

The VAS line of machines are fed from coil.  The machines pull the wire from coil, straighten and cut to length. After cutting, the parts accumulate in a magazine, from where they will be transferred to the next operation.  The VAS line can perform a variety of operations, that include cold forming operations such as thread rolling, and material removing operations, such as drilling, pointing, etc... The parts are automatically transferred inside the VAS machine from one station to the other, and the outcome is a finished part, that does not require any additional operations.

The following operations can be performed on the VAS machine in any sequence :
■ Chamfer Cutting (pointing) / Chamfer Rolling
■ Thread and Form Rolling Knurling
■ Extrusion of the ends prior to thread rolling
■ Heading / Collaring
■ Drilling / Grooving
■ Stamping
■ Bending / Flattening

Samples of parts that can be made on the machine :
■ Straight Studs, with threads on one or both sides.
■ Hanger Bolts, with one side wood screw thread and one side machine thread.
■ U Bolts, Eye Bolts, Anchor Bolts.
■ Hooks and Eye Bolts with Wood Screw Threads.
■ Truck and Trailer U Bolts with chamfers.
■ Weld Studs and other studs, Chamfered, Stamped, and Fully Threaded.
■ Chain Links with chamfered ends, Blanks for Fully Threaded Stainless Steel Rods.
■ Bicycle shafts, Shafts for Children Toys.
■ Extruded Studs for Engines, Extruded U Bolts.