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High Speed Fin Machine

High Speed Fin Machine

Fin Machine is designed to consistently produce high accuracy fins for the automotive industry (High Volume Production). Full interchange ability with quick change tooling and built in height and width adjustment, to suit all types of fin. Operation friendly servo control via PLC touch screen console. Full integration facility for linking other systems.

Input strip speed Up to 400m/min
Cut off rate Up to 140 cuts/min
3 packing/unpacking zone

Outside diameter Up to 1800mm
Inside diameter 150mm and 250mm ± 5mm
Width Up to 80mm

1. Single Reel Stand
2. Dancing Roller Strip Control
3. Electric Strip Back Tension Unit
4. Strip Lubrication System
5. Heavy Duty Form Roll/Gathering roll Cassette with phasing and Anti-backlash Gears
6. Side Driven Pack Up and Pull Out Stations
7. Fin accumulator (Hump station)
8. Stabilizing Scroll individually servo motor driven
9. Rotary Driven Guillotine cut-off at the root
10. Shut-Down Sensors & Alarms
11. Touch Screen Control Panel
12. Integrated fin chute
13. Electrical Control System  

ADDITIONAL OPTIONS - (Available at an extra cost)
1. Servo Driven Strip Back Tension Unit
2. Twin 180 degree Rotate Decoiler (Driven)