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ICB Furnace

ICB Furnace

ICB Furnace is a new concept of brazing furnace, which is designed to braze all kinds of aluminum heat exchangers.

Vacuum purge chambers are integrated at entrance as well as at exit and therefore low O2 density (10-20 ppm) can be kept, so that high quality brazing and even fluxes brazing is possible.
Inside pressure of the dry oven chamber turns to negative and therefore the efficiency of the drying process is very high. Inside pressure of brazing chamber turns to positive, therefore brazing quality is very good. Thanks to circulation fan in the furnace energy efficiency is increased  and temperature uniformity is achieved.
 The height in the furnace can be designed up to 1,100mm, so that vertical brazing of big size heat exchanger as well as horizontal brazing of multi layered products can be performed. Utility loss is minimized thanks to shutters of each chamber.

Vacuum purge chamber, heating chamber and cooling chamber are separated for a capacity to control heating rate and cooling rate precisely and to adjust them randomly.
ICB Furnace is suitable not only for heat exchangers of automotive, but also for big sized products like bar & plate type heat exchangers or heat sinks.
ICB Furnace is a new concept of brazing furnace, which is designed to braze all kinds of aluminum heat exchangers easily and efficiently.

Advantages :
▪ Utility cost be kept very low.
▪ Maintenance cost can be kept very low. (Muffle case and Mesh belt are not necessary)
▪ Operation and maintenance is very easy and simple
▪ Job change due to product size is not necessary.
▪ High quality brazing is possible thanks to the low O2 density (10-20 ppm) in the furnace.
▪ Horizontal or vertical brazing is possible depending on the type of products

Application :
▪ Automotive heat exchangers :    
   Radiator, Condenser, Evaporator, Heater core, Chare air cooler, Warmer, Oil cooler, etc.
▪ Heavy duty vehicle heat exchanger : 
   Oil cooler, Radiator, etc.

▪ Brazing of bar & plate type heat exchanger, generator radiator, air compressor
▪ Air cooling condenser (ACC) tube   for power plant
▪ Fluxless brazing.