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Seamless Tube

Seamless Tube

Unlike ERW Steel Tubes, seamless steel tubes do not have bead, and they are used for special piping, such as for high pressure, high temperature, low temperature, anti-corrosion pipes, for machine structural use, and for heat exchangers, for which welded pipes are not available to use.
Recently, the seamless Steel Tubes with great anti-corrosion and wear resistance are popular across the world to keep up with the trend of reducing weight of automobile part materials to increase fuel efficiency of automobiles. 
The company is supplying part materials such as drive shafts, propeller shafts, constant velocity joint cages for automobiles, etc. to domestic and overseas famous automobile parts companies, based on exclusive production methods and extraordinary technologies.

Applied Material
- Carbon Steel (S15C, etc.)Alloy steel (SCR, SCM Stainless Steel, Managenese, etc.)
- Nonferrous metal (Titanium, Copper, etc.)
- HSS, etc.