Forging Machines

Ensuring a stable supply of comprehensive forging systems
that are innovative and open to endless possibilities.
World leading fast and reliable designs with integrated
automation and quick changeover, built for 24/7 operation.

Hot & Warm Forging Automation

Hot & Warm Forging Automation

Auto Spraying
■ The right spraying system from the right partner.

We collaborate with well-known Korean suppliers in the sector of spraying equipment and the integrates this equipment into the complete solution.
■ Spraying equipment can be integrated into the transfer rail or can be run into the press-room via a linear axis. Either way – the right choice always depends on the billet and the space conditions in the press.

Robot Transferring
■ Robotics dispose of until six axes and offer a high degree of freedom for the configuration of your production process. 

In the forging sector, robots are a safe choice, especially in case of small and middle batches. We collaborate with all considerable robotics suppliers and we always integrate robot technology into our solution when flexibility is required.

System solution supplier 
Our aim is to maximize flexibility for our customers. For this reason we act in accordance with your individual requests concerning the transfer process.
The requirements for the transfer technique in the forging sector are high! It is for this reason that we have developed our massive transfer, specifically for our customers' requirements. Thereby, an essential aspect was the protection of the drive technology against harmful emissions.
Regarding the transfer technique we bet on linear motion and separated drive technique. Our high-dynamic servo-drives guarantee simultaneously maximum efficiency and reliability.