We offer custom solutions according to your idea and
requirements and also integrate components of other suppliers.

Our strategic solutions help you reduce risks and costs, enhance sustainability
and well-being, make smart decisions and deliver successful outcomes.

Robust and reliable – that is what we do in the forging area.
We master one of the most exacting fields in the automation sector.
You need a line resisting high requirements and extreme conditions?
We keep the overview about the whole process.
We do not manufacture machines. We form solutions.

  • Ensuring a stable supply of comprehensive forging systems that are innovative and open to endless possibilities.

    Our forging systems combines Mechanical Forging Press, Forging Automation and Forging Molds, which are the amalgam of advanced technologies and know-how.

  • From Optimum process design to fabrication of Cold/Warm/Hot Forging Molds.

    We always look at a forging process as a part of the whole production line. Upon customers’ request, we can offer ideas to improve the efficiency of the manufacturing processes preceding or following the forging process.

  • Total technical support all the way to mass production stage

    Unlike other companies that undertake only the manufacturing of equipment or molds, we provide comprehensive support to our customers well into their mass production stage to ensure that our systems brings excellent results.

  • Designing integrated production lines.

    Not only do we design an integrated forging line, we also have the expertise to provide consultation on all kinds of total production systems designed by other companies.