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Radial Forging Device

Radial Forging Device

Four-die forging devices are designed to forge material on hydraulic forging press from four sides simultaneously. 

Four-die forging device is a unique forging tool which combines advantages both of radial forging method implemented on radial forging machine and conventional forging method using with two dies implemented on forging presses. 

Four-die forging device is intented to be installed and fixed on the table of hydraulic forging presses with capacities from 2 to 150 MN just in place of conventional dies. It is designed to forge a workpiece with four dies simultaneously so that it generates supplementary shear strains of the material. 

Benefits of the four-die forging device : 
■ 1.5 ~ 3 times higher output as compared to conventional two-die forging method commonly imployed on presses. 
■ 8 ~ 15 percent increased good metal yield. 
■ 2 ~ 2.5 times reduced dimensional tolerances of the forged products and 1.5 times reduced allowances for finish surface machining which means 40~50kg of metal saved per 1 ton of forged parts. 
■ 30 ~ 40 percent reduced energy consumpion at drawing operation. 
■ 25 ~ 30 percent reduced gas consumpition for metal heating due to elimination of reheating requirements. 
■ A better isotropy and improved physical/mechanical properties of forged metal. 
■ A wide range of steel grade which can be forged in the device and a wider range of finish product shape.