Forging Machines

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that are innovative and open to endless possibilities.
World leading fast and reliable designs with integrated
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Automatic Forging Screw Press

Automatic Forging Screw Press

Direct-Drive Automatic Screw Press

■ It has simple structrue, high safety, easy operation and maintenance.
■ The flywheel is directly driven by an AC permanant magnet synchronous motor, with high transmission efficiency and low noise.
High precision of energy control and good operation stabilty.
■ The most advanced variable frequency drive technology has no impact on the grid and the more generates little heat.
■ Reserve automatic production line interface, good scalability. 

■ Accurate control of the blow energy, strong anti-eccentric load ability, and long mold life which is especially suitable for precision forging of various metals. 
■ Intelligent HMI interactive platform and PLC control technology.