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Screw Press for Hot Forging Bolts

Screw Press for Hot Forging Bolts

Configuration with One lower die which goes up with different forming power and shifting 2 to 3 Upper die makes ideal Upsetting forging.

■ Forming energy and Ram strokes from the 1st stroke up to the 3rd stroke are automatically converted to prevent buckling.
■ Forming program is simple and easy to make on the touch screen.
■ Memory for more than 200 kinds is available.
■ Drastic die cost reduction as all dies are able to be freely re-sinking for modification.
■ Transfer unit never being required, simple kick-out type Knock out, maintenance is less required by the simple servomotor driven.
■ Simple fine adjustment of material projection length and capable of upset w/o top part fin.
■ Raw material dia. 100mm and length up to 1meter can be acceptable.
■ Approx. 50% of facility cost with respect to conventional mechanical horizontal upsetters