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Semi-Auto Core Builder

Semi-Auto Core Builder

Core Builder is designed to assemble customer specific heat exchanger components (Cores) using a constant supply of fins from fin mill and tubes from tube magazine unit automatically, and loading headers(manifolds) and side plates by level of automation (manually/Semi-auto/full-auto). The Core builder operations and adjustments are directed from a pendant control panel supplying PLC information to the pneumatic and servomotor circuits. Changes to core specification can be made quickly to minimize downtime. All parts of the machine have been designed for simple maintenance with easy access to all areas.

Fin Mill : HFM-400, HFM-300 Model
Model : Evaporator core, Heater core, Condenser core, Radiator core, Intercooler core, etc..
Fin Mill integrated core builder for direct fin insertion
Option unit :
  1. Automatic fixture unit
  2. Automatic supply component (Side plate, Side bar, Header, etc.)
Production speed
  1. Evaporator core : Max. 70 core/hour
  2. Heater core        : Max. 95 core/hour
  3. Condenser core : Max. 60 core/hour
  4. Radiator core     : Max. 45 core/hour
  5. Intercooler core  : Max. 45 core/hour