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Technical discussion on Tubular steering shaft & Pipe/Shaft yoke development

Date created 2023-02-12 18:45:55 Hit 762

Having a meeting for technical discussion on Tubular steering shaft, Pipe yoke & Shaft yoke development.

Discussion on forging equipment andn tooling development for the below products. 
- Tubular steering shaft
- Shaft ball slide
- Tube ball slide
- Pipe yoke
- Shaft yoke
1. Special purpose cold forging press develpment for Tubular steeringn shaft. 
2. Conceptual discussion on the Dieset with built-in punch moving device.
3. Tooling development for Tubular steering shaft.
4. Special purpose cold press development Pipe yoke & Shaft yoke. 
5. Conceptual discussion on the Dieset with die moving device.
6. Tooling development for Pipe yoke & Shaft yoke.  

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