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Alloy TiC_Advanced Material

Alloy TiC_Advanced Material

Strengths of Alloy-TiC
■ Excellent Wear Resistance
Excellent wear resistance is one of the most well-known strengths of Alloy-TiC, the particle of TiC (HRC92 rounded shape) after lapping and polishing is higher hardness than WC (30% or more) and coefficient of friction which result in minimizing the pick-up, galling and chipping during the contacting other materials and almost no wear loss

■ Low density of Alloy-TiC offers cost-down effect
Density of Alloy-TiC(6.5g/cm3) is much lower than WC(14.5g/cm3) or Tool Steel(8g/cm3). Alloy-TiC is cheaper than other materials applying the same volume parts. Instead of WC, parts are lighter and reduce the cost of repair and change relatively.

■ Alloy-TiC is the only machinable carbide composite
After annealing of Alloy-TiC, the hardness is HRC43-45, which is machinable normally, and after heat-treatment the hardness is HRC68-72 as well as the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion is stable (±0.00025mm/mm )

■ Alloy-TiC is zero defect sintered carbide composite
By H.I.P process there is no holes inside


■ Finest rounded grains for better lubrication and local friction mode
■ Less wear on roller grooves, hence high output of the mill
■ No breakage / galling / chipping of rollers during rolling
■ Less stoke removal per re-grind, hence longer life
■ Uniformity and stability of the finished products
■ High resistance to oxidation and less material pick-up on surface
■ Reduced risk of bearing breakage and failure due to low density.


■ Precision Mold Parts (Dies / Punch / Piercing / Stamping / Pilot Pin etc)
■ Precision Powder Forming Parts (Dies / Plugs / Core)
■ Rolls (Forming / Ironing / Seaming), Blades , Gauges, Boring Bar
■ Vibration Absorption & Wear Resistance Parts, Quill
■ Dies for Extrusion
■ High-Speed induction tube welder forming and ironing rolls
■ Hot-forming die insert
■ Hot-coining and striking dies
■ Hot-pressing dies and punch and valve for molten solder